2013-2014 School Calender

Mon, Apr 21 - Fri, Apr 25
Annual Leave
School Closed
Friday, May 2
PBIS Event
2:00 PM
Ice Cream Social
Tuesday, May 6
Report Cards
Report cards will be distributed.
Tuesday, May 20
Interim Progress Reports
Progress reports will be distributed.
Monday, May 26
Memorial Day
School Closed


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Daily Buzzword

acoustic - Read Full Article

The Buzzword of the Day for 04/23/2014 is:

acoustic (adjective)


What does it mean?

1 : of or relating to the sense or organs of hearing, to sound, or to the science of sounds as : a : deadening or absorbing sound b : operating by or using sound waves
2 : of, relating to, or being a musical instrument whose sound is not electronically modified

How do you use it?

Fans at the rock concert received quite a surprise when the band's lead singer played a beautiful classical piece on an acoustic guitar.

Are you a word wiz?

Which one of these words do you think came into English use at about the same time as "acoustic"?

A. soothing
B. laboratory
C. antique
D. vocal
Check your answer on Word Central.


Today, 4/23/2014
High: 69 Low: 42
0% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 4/24/2014
High: 69 Low: 50
Mostly sunny
0% chance of precipitation.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Through rigorous curriculum, reflective learning and collaboration
with our stakeholders, we will empower our students to
become life-long learners.

Vision Statement
Enfield Middle School will produce globally competitive,
 life-long learners, prepared with 21st century skills.


PBIS Celebration
March 21, 2014

PBIS Celebration


Pamela Chamblee
Interim Principal

Marcus Jones
Assistant Principal

Quarry Williams
Dean of Students

School Mascot: Panthers
Uniform Colors: Hunter Green, White & Black

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